PJ Masks Classic Catboy Costume for Kids


PJ Masks Classic Catboy Costume for Kids

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Superfan Alert! 
You could enter your child in a PJ Masks fan contest and they would likely win. Your kid has seen every episode of the show (a zillion times) and frequently quotes its characters to you. They can name each PJ Mask’s superpowers, each villain from the show, and even the individual episode titles and synopses. Whoa. When they are awake, your kiddo doodles PJ Masks characters into notebooks, and when they are asleep, you’re fairly certain they dream of nothing but fighting crime in the neighborhood by night.  
Why then, would you want to withhold this PJ Masks Classic Catboy Costume from your kid for one more day? Having this authentic look from their all-time favorite show would totally make their day (no, month. No, year)! Plus, it’s never bad to have a band of crime fighters in the area, is it? All those pesky villains will scatter knowing that Catboy is a resident of your neighborhood! So watch your child meow with glee upon seeing their very own Catboy costume. Don’t make them wait because…uhhh…Catboy isn’t too patient.  
Fun Details 
This Catboy jumpsuit is blue and styled to look just like the one your kiddo idolizes! It fastens in the back (for easy transformation when crime strikes) and has a stuffed tail to help with agility. The hood and mask will cover your kid’s true identity (as Connor, of course!) and most importantly, it’s officially licensed, which means everything to your little vigilante. We think Catboy himself may covet this costume—it’s almost nicer than his original! 
To the Rescue! 
Turns out, your little fan isn’t the only one who can save the day—just look how you turned your kiddo’s day around when you presented them with this costume! We guess rescuing the world runs in the family. .

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