PJ Masks Classic Owlette Costume for Toddlers


PJ Masks Classic Owlette Costume for Toddlers

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It’s Time to Be a Hero!
Your kid has been obsessed with flying since before they could walk. They would teeter around on their wobbly legs with their arms out like wings, trying to make airplane noises. Your child can become captivated by a flock of birds, and don’t even get them started on bats—all of their favorite things fly! So it should come as no shock to you that once they found PJ Masks, your kid was instantly drawn to Owlette, the high-flying hero with super-wings! Honestly, Owlette is awesome, so we’re pretty happy your child chose this PJ Masks Toddler Classic Owlette Costume! It’s a powerful look—so powerful that she might even save the day!
As Owlette, your kiddo will be able to see anything with Owl Eyes, send bad guys flying with Wing Wind, and of course, fly! This costume is a surefire way to light up your child’s day and protect the neighborhood, all at the same time. It’s always nice to know there’s a high-flying superhero in your midst.
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This is Owlette’s official look, straight out of the Owl Glider itself. It’s styled exactly as Owlette’s on the show, so there will be no confusing your kiddo for anyone other than their favorite crime-fighter. The look is comprised of a classic red jumpsuit with appropriate Owlette markings, as well as a hood and mask that transform your kid completely and conceal their true identity. They also get a cap that fastens at the neck and turns their arms into owl wings! Cool! So how does it feel to save the day by bringing them this costume? We guess this makes you a superhero, too!
Flight of Fancy
While some may think flying is magic, Owlette knows it’s just another day on the job. We can’t guarantee that your child will take off in this costume, but when they embody Owlette’s cleverness, courage, and cool superpowers, they may as well be soaring on cloud 9!

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