Teen Male Jack Skellington Costume


Teen Male Jack Skellington Costume

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What time of year do you like better? The days before Halloween or Christmas? Yeah, we agree, we can’t choose either. Children throwing snowballs or heads? What’s better? It’s almost impossible to choose. Well, when you dress up as Jack Skellington you really don’t have to choose. He loves both of the holidays! Now, his version of Christmas is definitely not something we’re interested in celebrating but we do really like his version of Halloween. 
Throw on this slick classy pin striped jacket and you’re already looking like a boss. Now, pair it with some black pants, the oversized black bat bowtie, and a white ascot that ties around the neck and all the ghouls and goblins will have to show you respect. All you need to do now is find one of our lovely masks to pair with the pinstripes or paint your face to look the part. Find a Sally to make this into an adorable couple costume! Now, you might not be able to take off your head to recite Shakespearean quotations but you’ll definitely earn some head turns.
Wait, but here’s the thing. You can like Christmas as well but let’s make sure you stay away from good ol’ Santa 
Claus. Now you can combine your favorite Christmas carols and ballads from this Tim Burton classic. Hey, we just might have come up with the best playlist ever. Whether you like Christmas or Halloween, this dashing costume is a two for one. Hey, enthusiasm pays off!

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