Star Wars the Force Awakens Rey Costume for Toddlers


Star Wars the Force Awakens Rey Costume for Toddlers

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There is nothing more that tugs on the heart strings as a young and innocent underdog discovering that she has latent Force Sensitivity and may be one of the few chances that the galaxy has to save it from the iron grip of the Empire.  We’re instantly compelled to follow such a protagonist and cheer her on through all of the trials that are before her, especially when she’s willing to run head first into danger that didn’t initially even involve her, just because she knows it is right.
Well, of course, there are a few things that can move the heart a little faster.  Imagine Rey as a little kid, a toddler with a cute little scrunchy face, maybe with a miniature BB-8 friend to keep her company while she tries to figure out those beginning Force abilities.  Now, that would be an image that would make even the grumpy and hyper emotional Kylo Ren stop to think about what he’s putting the galaxy through!
Actually, that gives us a great idea!  The combo of this officially licensed Star Wars the Force Awakens Toddler Rey Costume and your little tyke would be a team that hasn’t been seen since Obi-Wan Kenobi and pre-angsty phase Anakin Skywalker!  This jumpsuit fastens with the mighty power of Hook and Loop fastener, second only to the Force, itself, and is styled as a distressed tunic and pant combo straight from the desert peddlers.  Arm warmers are included and have an elastic top edge for easy fit no matter your kiddo’s size and foam boot covers fasten to complete the look.  Why, all we’re missing is a miniature lightsaber – and you can believe we’re gonna get right on that!

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