Star Wars Adult Deluxe Sith Trooper Costume


Star Wars Adult Deluxe Sith Trooper Costume



A Serious Sith Upgrade 
The Stormtroopers have had a long history of chuckles. No matter how shiny their white armor may have been, their aim was just disastrous. Even droids started laughing at the likely chance that they’d be struck by the errant blaster fire of one of the clones. Was it the helmet? Was it the repeating genetic code? Nobody could really ever figure it out. But, it made for decades of mockery for the foot soldiers of the Empire. But, no more.
Long ago, during the Jedi Civil Wars, rumors were cast wide of red-armored troopers that not only served the Sith but were even part of the faith! With the fight coming to a head in the Rise of Skywalker, the Sith Trooper march continues on! A force of terror and intimidation, one can only surmise how true the aim of these Sith soldiers may be! Worse still, what other mysterious powers may lay beneath the gleaming crimson armor!?
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Channel the excitement of the Rise of Skywalker with the return of.

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