Small Child Retro Robot Costume


Small Child Retro Robot Costume

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Robots On the Rise
Robots have come a long way. They aren’t just hunks of metal and wires that someone fused together in their basement anymore. Gone are the monotone voices, the simple buttons and functions, the blinking eyes. Today’s AI have human voices and can understand our questions, drive our cars, and answer our customer service inquiries. Today’s robots raise some important questions about where we should draw the line between human and machine. It’s a real head-scratcher.
But your toddler doesn’t need to think about all that! They think robots are cool for all the simple reasons you thought so, too! Give them a chance to inhabit a robot without all the modern bells and whistles in this Retro Robot Toddler Costume. It’s guaranteed to give your kid a real jolt of energy while allowing their sweet, innocent love for robots to blossom. Later, they can think about whether it’s cool to let a robot perform open-heart surgery; for now, let your kid just think about how cool it is to be a moving, talking machine!
Fun Details
This cute and classic costume features a gray jumpsuit, which both forms the base for this look and keeps your kiddo cozy at the same time. It has a mechanical print and fits under the tabard, which boasts a fun print of gears, lights, and gizmos! The headpiece is appropriately boxy, with a little satellite point on top. Your little one will have fun walking around with stiff limbs and talking in a monotone voice…basically “roboting” it up!
Robotics Club
Who knows? Just the experience in this costume may be enough to send your kiddo on a trajectory; in a few years, they may be president of the robotics club! Until then, look on with delight as your child explores the world of robots just as a child should—with few bells and whistles and a ton of imagination!

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