Seuss Kids Cat in the Hat Accessory Kit


Seuss Kids Cat in the Hat Accessory Kit

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You know, we think Dr. Suess was on to something. Red stripes are quite a chic look! Of course, they’re actually much more stunning on the black and white, chaos-loving cat but we should consider integrating the dashing style into our everyday lifestyle. Dressing up as the famous Cat in the Hat is a great start.   This accessory pack features the instantly recognizable tall hat with a wire-lined brim so it can be shaped at a jaunty angle. The kit also includes a white pair of double thumbed mittens and an oversized cartoon red bow tie that secures to the neck with an elastic band. Pair this costume with Thing One and Two, available in infant to adult sizes for an adorable group costume!   Now, we don’t expect that the Cat in the Hat will cause rainy day chaos this time. That fancy cleaner-upper machine doesn’t quite exist in real life yet. But we do assume that the candy hall will be good this year. After.

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