Scream Costume for Kids


Scream Costume for Kids

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But where is the killer? In the house of course.
Your little man is good at hiding. In fact, you can never find him when he insists on playing hide ‘n seek. He is honestly too good at that game. It is so freaky. He is either going to be a super secret spy, or something a little more scary. Hopefully the first one.
You aren’t sure how, but he has become obsessed with Ghostface. You never let him watch Scream. Although, there was that one time you went out, and when you came back the babysitter turned off the TV pretty quick. Both your son, and the babysitter looked a little guilty. They could have been watching the 1996 horror movie.
Well, now he is a little older, and still kind of obsessed with the terrifying Ghostface. So this Halloween let him indulge in his scary side with this Child Scream Costume. He will put his hide ‘n seek skills to use when he goes trick or treating. Ringing your neighbors door bell then hiding so he can jump out, and give them a good jump scare, all for some delicious Halloween candy. Hopefully this one night of jump scares, and the creepy serial killer Ghostface from Scream will help your son get this scary obsession out of his system.

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