Royal Storybook Men’s Prince Costume


Royal Storybook Men’s Prince Costume

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You’re Cordially Invited
We’re not sure if you saw the invitation or not, but you do know you’ve been invited to the royal ball, yes? That’s right! All single eligible men in the kingdom have been invited! Apparently, the queen is looking for a suitor for the princess and the princess will be there dancing with all the young men. Do you know what that means? You could dance with a princess! 
Only, please tell us you’re not wearing that. Oh. Filthy cinder-covered rags are all you have? Well, that’s a pity. They probably won’t even let you into the palace if you look like that. Don’t you have someone to help you out? Maybe a wealthy uncle? Some magical rodents who can whip something up for you? What about a fairy god-father or something? Got one of those? No?
Fun Details
Eh, don’t worry about it too much. We’ve got your back. If you go to the dance in our Royal Storybook Prince Costume for Men, you’ll definitely catch the princess’ eye. This outfit has a white pull-on.

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