Premium Monster Grey Greasepaint Makeup 0.5 Oz


Premium Monster Grey Greasepaint Makeup 0.5 Oz

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Horror in Black and White
There’s nothing as fun to watch as a good old-fashioned monster movie. There’s an element of fear that those black and white movies could capture that rarely happens now. Maybe it was the lack of color that brought the beasts to life. Thee fear had to be distilled to the widening of the eyes, the slow turn, and the high pitched violin music that Hollywood never seems to use anymore. We still look to those monsters that were created for spooky inspiration. From hairy animal men to the scaly creatures that emerged from murky depths of swampland, people must have gotten a special kind of skill when watching horror on the silver screen. After all, when moving pictures are silent films, you’ve got no other choice other than watching the events unfold!
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This unique gray color has a creamy texture that makes it easier than ever to apply. The cake can be applied with fingers or a sponge whether wet or dry. It’s fade resistant so you have no need to worry when you’re under stage lights. This cake contains half an ounce of makeup and is made in the USA. 
One Shade of Grey
Whether you’re dressing up as a scary silver screen star or you’re using this grey to create a futuristic robotic look, you’re sure to be happy that you went with this soft yet dark shade of grey! No need for fifty shades when just one will do!

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