Police Plus Size Woman Fancy Dress Costume


Police Plus Size Woman Fancy Dress Costume

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Tangled up in Blue
Are you ready to get in touch with the arresting side of your personality? Are you ready for people to slow down to the actual speed limit when they see you standing on the street? Maybe you’re already good at policing skills. You might rock at talents like escorting old ladies across the street or heading out to help cars get free during blizzards. Because while laying down the law might come naturally to you, throwing on the blue uniform is all about helping people. 
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This ensemble will make you ready to take on anything! You’ll get a long collared shirt with two button shields to add to the shirt and the structured hat. The pants are straight legged and ready to be paired with sensible shoes for keeping order all night. the buttoned-up shirt is belted in the middle, perfect for keeping your handcuffs on hand, just in case of Halloween hijinks getting out of hand. 
Force Code
This year, show the world what you’re made of with a sleek blue police uniform. You’ll find your voice grows stronger when you want your roommate to turn down the music. No need to throw down a passive-aggressive note, you just do what needs to be done. You’ll soon find this leads to other strength in your life, leading to an easy-breezy lifestyle. Coworkers will make new coffee when the pot is dry. Dog owners in your neighborhood will be more diligent with their cleanup. Just don’t forget to help those old ladies across the street when you see them! They say the first shift is always the hardest. You’re sure to get used to it though. Try pairing up with other police officers or escort a prisoner to this years Halloween party. After all, when it comes to policing, it’s all about the force. .

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