Orange Premium Greasepaint Makeup 0.5 Oz


Orange Premium Greasepaint Makeup 0.5 Oz

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Ancient tales tell of a creature that dwells deep in the jungles of a far-off land.  This strange humanoid stalks through the foliage on a hunt for the tastiest of treats but must fight off the other dangerous creatures that would delight in grabbing them up and snacking on them! 
But, through strange acts of fate, this orange-fleshed being has come to us!  Still, it hunts, devouring our most precious of resources to sate its voracious appetite.  Nothing can be done to stop it or save our crunchy snacks from the Cheeto Demon!
Ensure that all the delicious nacho dip and crunchy orange puffs are unquestionably yours when you’ve got the look that says you’re literally made of the stuff.  This Premium Orange Greasepaint will give you a lasting look that will leave others wondering how you managed such amazing detailing to your complexion.  Be adored and feared as none can argue with the logic that the snacks must be yours!  
When you finish applying your perfect look augmented by this oil-based orange makeup, people will be so busy wondering if you discovered a powerful spray tan or if a diet of oranges and Cheetos can have an effect on skin pigment that you’ll get all your desires!  First step:  the snack bowl.  Next?  The Orange House!  .

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