Maleficent Christening Deluxe Black Gown for Women


Maleficent Christening Deluxe Black Gown for Women

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There are many things that mortals needs to be aware of before they leap out and interact with powerful beings of the realms of magic. One valuable lesson we’ve learned from years of watching fantasy movies is that you shouldn’t betray magical beings (especially if you gave them your address earlier). Really, thats just good common sense, but several just cannot figure that out! That’s a lesson that Stefan probably should have learned before he tried to mess the queen of the fae!

Of course, being a fearsome and powerful sorceress doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your time casting spells and placing curses. Sometimes, you can work your magic simply by showing off some sassy and sinister style. And, when youve been manipulated and had your elegant wings stolen right off your back, that is the time to work exactly that! And, we recommend you do so with a perfectly placed smile. Enchant the allies of your enemies and teach them just how to help you gain vengeance for all that youve been put through!

Step into the role as the most powerful and misunderstood sorceress of all time with this officially licensed and exclusive Maleficent Christening Deluxe Black Gown. This lovely textured dress fastens in the back with some true magicthe power of Hook and Loop fastener! It features flaring sleeves that will feel like real sorcery every time you flourish your arms. The textured silver plastic broach fastens at your chest, a marvelous magic bauble, and the headpiece reveals the horns that will be ever-so mystifying. Add a pair of fierce heeled boots and Maleficent’s Staff accessory, and you’ll be ready to make everyone pay for their horrible actions against your magical realm.

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