Leopard Girls Costume | Girls Cats Costume W/ Tail


Leopard Girls Costume | Girls Cats Costume W/ Tail

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Nature Lover
Your gal has become obsessed with animals. This is the age, isn’t it? She’s not just into something, she’s into it. And you can’t just buy her a book and tell her to read up, either; your gal needs total immersion. Last summer, it was waterskiing lessons and all the equipment that goes with it (thank goodness your brother-in-law already had the boat!); in the fall, she was so into Shakespeare, she designed her own window balcony. And now? She’s taken to the wild animals of the world. Cool! Her interest in nature is probably more useful (and cost effective) than her interest in traditional alchemy (circa 2016).
So foster it with this Girl’s Leopard Costume! It’s a MUCH more manageable solution than adopting a leopard (her recommendation), and everyone knows wild animals don’t make for good pets (seriously, just don’t do it.) Plus, what better way for her to truly understand a leopard’s life than to live it? We can’t think of any! In this ensemble, she’ll be able to go deep into character as her favorite cat for as long as this phase lasts, which, judging from the stack of books by her bed, looks like it could be years!
Fun Details
In this look, your girl can be feline fiesty in no time! It’s a long-sleeved velour dress in a classic leopard print, which is as functional to wear as it is fun! It has finged tulle edging at the flared hem and cuffs, and even a tail that fastens to the back of the dress. She’ll be able to learn all about leopards’ super sensitive hearing as she prowls around with this headband and attached cat ears, which are…well…they’re really, really cute. We bet every real leopard wishes they had a pair as sweet as these!
Just In Case…
And who knows? One of these obsessions may stick for life! You may have a little naturalist on your hands. And wouldn’t it be great if, in 20 years when you’re all sitting around the table, she recalls the day you gave her this costume and launched her whole career? Nice work!

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