Justice League Movie – Batman Deluxe Child Costume L


Justice League Movie – Batman Deluxe Child Costume L

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Leave the Bat cave in the most advanced bat suit to date this Halloween. Ordering the Deluxe Batman costume will immerse your child into the action of the Justice League instantly. Bring light to the darkness in the less black and more grey suit of Gotham?s polarizing hero. Built to withstand heavy fire and improve Batman?s athleticism, this tactical suit takes on a menacing stance. Bolster the appearance with 3-D muscles embedded in the jumpsuit and bladed gauntlet?s, Scarecrow and the Riddler may second guess picking a fight with your dark knight. The Bat symbol spanning the chest, flowing black cape and chiseled face mask are familiar features of Batman?s suits of the past. Adding batarangs and a grappling hook to your order will give the Justice League?s leader a battle-ready edge!

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