Infant Mickey Mouse My First Disney Costume


Infant Mickey Mouse My First Disney Costume

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Back on the old Mickey Mouse Club in 1956, every day of the week had a theme. Monday was Fun with Music day, Tuesday was Guest Star day, Wednesday was Anything Can Happen day, Thursday was Circus day, and Friday was Talent Round-up day!

The great news is, whatever day of the week Halloween falls on this year, your little Mouseketeer can lead the club and join the jamboree with our Infant Mickey Mouse My First Disney Costume! If Halloween falls on Monday, you can sing M-I-C-see you real soon…K-E-Y-why? Because we like you…M-O-U-S-E! If it falls on Friday, though, you can still celebrate by rounding up all your pals and showing them your babys best new talents: tummy time and some mostly nonsensical gibberish. And giggling. Either way, any day of the week, this little mouse will be thrilled to enjoy their first Halloween in iconic style! At least they will when they look back at the pictures someday!

The cozy jumpsuit is sneakily styled to look like red shorts on black mouse body. The hood with those magnificent Mickey Mouse ears fastens under the chin to keep your kiddo warm, and what mini Mouseketeer could be complete without a tail? Dont worry, weve got one for you! Monday to Friday and every day in between, Halloween is going to get a whole lot happier once your little Mickey makes his debut.

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