Incredibles 2 Classic Costume for Infants


Incredibles 2 Classic Costume for Infants

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Rockin’ the Cradle, one power at a time!
As your kiddo gets bigger day by day, it can be fun to see the powers that start to appear. It definitely helps that every little step in the right direction seems miraculous. First, little junior started to hold his own bottle. What a relief! You could finally pour yourself a glass of water without risking a grade A screaming fit. Then more powers started to show up. He realized the power of his hands, when he put them together in a clap, everyone else would start clapping and laughing. When he threw bottles and toys onto the ground, people would bend to pick them up. It’s tough to raise a baby with mind control powers but we’re sure you’ll figure it out! In the meantime, show off your kiddo’s powerful side with this infant Incredibles jumpsuit. 
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This costume will be a hit with the whole family, scratch that, the whole neighborhood! It’s simple to put on even the most wiggly of infants. The red, black, and yellow jumpsuit is one piece with shiny black material hinting at the gloves and long boots that the Parr family wear when they are on a mission. It secures down the back with hook and eye touch strips. Throw on the black eye mask and your little superhero in training will be ready to flaunt those new powers. Anyone interested in cleaning up a bowl of applesauce?
Pacifier Power
So, if you’re putting together a team of crime-fighting geniuses, don’t forget the wunderkind of your party! Other superheroes might have crime-fighting skills but your kiddo can win this fight with charm alone, talk about a true-blue peacemaker. Or should we say pacifier? So get the whole family together to bring the amazing abilities of The Incredibles off the screen and into reality! This should be interesting.

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