German Beer Girl Costume for Men


German Beer Girl Costume for Men

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So You Want to Be a Fraulein?
Wait, you know what a fraulein is, yes? Oh good, for a moment we thought we’d have to instruct you in the finer points of Bavarian maidenhood. It’s probably good we don’t have to explain it though because we honestly don’t know much about what it takes to be a German maiden. What we do know is that such young women are often cheery with braided hair. We know they have some super-fly outfits inspired by more traditional clothes. We also know that they are often spotted during in the fall months with beer in-hand.
That’s right. Our favorite sightings of these delightful darlings are during Oktoberfest. Becuase not only is Oktober fest a magical festival where Bavarian beauties abound, they’res also heaping helpings of delicious Germanic food and drink. We’re talking brats. Sausages. Pretzels. And don’t even get us started on the beer… Man. Now we’re hungry. If only there were a way to have Oktoberfest year-round. To celebrate with good food and friends and some maids in saucy outfits. You know what? That sounds like an awesome plan. Are you in?
Fun Details
It’ll be easy to get in on the fun. Just grab your best lederhosen or dirndl. Of course, some of those more authentic dresses can be a bit expensive. And usually the size and fit aren’t particularly forgiving, especially if you’re a tall guy that’s always dreamed of being a beer maid. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our Mens German Beer Girl costume has a white blouse with attached brown corset, which makes it easy to wear. There’s a long green skirt with red trim, and even a yellow wig pre-braided so you don’t have to worry about getting the hairdo right. And last but not least, you can fill out that corset with the plastic breast beverage dispenser that can hold nearly 30 ounces of liquid. 
Festival Time!
Yeah, we know it isn’t really the traditional fraulein wear, but we want you to have the option of being a beautiful Bavarian beer-hauler if you like. So, get ready for some fun! We’ll bring the pretzels. .

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