Fuzzy 30 Spider


Fuzzy 30 Spider

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8 Legs Too Many
Spiders are just creepy. We try to be compassionate to all creatures, even freaky little bugs… but we really just have a hard time with spiders. Those creepy crawlies have way too many legs, those beady little red eyes, and they even shoot webs out of their abdomen. Ick! It’s really no wonder that they’ve become one of the main symbols of Halloween! That’s one time of the year where being creepy is totally a plus instead of a negative. It’s also why you’re definitely going to want this Fuzzy Spider decoration hanging out in your home when October rolls around this year.
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This Halloween decoration will help you add a spidery style to your home this year. The spider decoration has 8 long legs, which are posable, so you can place him in all sorts of frightening positions. He’s also covered in a layer of fake fur, giving him a tarantula-like look. It has a pair of menacing little eyes in front to round out the whole look. If you’re trying to cultivate th.

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