Dorothy Child Fancy Dress Costume


Dorothy Child Fancy Dress Costume

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Is your little girl ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Well, then shes going to need the right attire. Set the shining suits of armor aside for this one and forget about the whips and fedoras. All she will need is this awesome Dorothy Child Costume and shell be good to go!
She may just be dressed up as your everyday Kansas girl, but as we all know, those Kansas girls know how to handle even the wildest of adventures. Dorothy ventured along the Yellow Brick Road in the mystical Land of Oz and fought off cranky apple-throwing trees, frightening flying monkeys, and a cackling wicked witch. She accomplished all that, not with battle armor and weaponry, but instead, with the help of her friends and her great sense of style! When your kiddo tosses on this costume she will look just like the heroine of the great Land of Oz. The white dress with the blue gingham pinafore will make your youngster look like she just walked right off the pages of a storybook and into the real world.
Once you braid her hair and style it with the included pair of blue bows, grab her a pair of ruby red shoes and her transformation will be complete! Before you know it shell be hanging out with scarecrows, tin woodsmen, and cowardly lions. Let your girls adventure begin this Halloween and grab her this Dorothy Child Costume. Just remind her to keep an eye out for houses falling out of the sky!

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