Deluxe White Marilyn Monroe Halter Dress Costume


Deluxe White Marilyn Monroe Halter Dress Costume

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Everyone wants to be a movie star. What’s not to love? Your famous, wealthy, and you get to act for a living. You’d be living out in Hollywood, attending the most lavish parties and the most prestigious galas. You’d be one of the elite, the most popular and wealthy class in the country. 
And when it comes to actors and actresses, Marilyn Monroe is the cream of the crop. She is one of the most famous women ever. She is still an icon all the way from her time acting in the 1950’s. Her works have stood the test of time, and so has her reputation. We only wish that we could be so lucky! We wouldn’t make for the best actress. People have a hard time taking us seriously, we are just too stinking fun! We would never be able to act in anything that wasn’t a comedy.
This dress will turn you into one of the most famous actresses of all time! You’ll be wearing an elegant white dress; it has a fitted halter style bodice and it ties behind the neck. The skirt is.

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