Deluxe Beetlejuice Men’s Costume


Deluxe Beetlejuice Men’s Costume

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If your house has a little ghost problem and you don???t want to move, you have a couple options at your disposal. You can try to exorcise those pesky specters, or you could just try to live with them and hope it evolves into a quirky sitcom story and you get some cool new ghost roommates (which sounds super awesome, but also unlikely, for too many reasons to go into right now).
On the other side of the coin, if you are a ghost with an annoying pre-deceased human problem that all your dedicated haunting can???t seem to take care of, you need to call the afterlife???s premier bio-exorcist himself: Beetlejuice! You???re not going to find his services listed in the Handbook for the Recently Deceased, and he may be a bit shady and rough around the edges (he???s been dead for a long time, after all), but we promise this guy is legit and will get the still-living out of your home so you can get back to enjoying your afterlife in peace.
Luckily, now you don???t have to be a ghost to scar.

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