Classic Red Minnie Plus Size Costume for Women


Classic Red Minnie Plus Size Costume for Women

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Disney has been creating beautiful, dreamlike stories from the first time their drawn characters appeared on the silver screen. In fact, it wasn’t only beauty taking place on the screen, it was magic. That magic has lasted over the last hundred years! Isn’t it amazing that the Mickey and Minnie of today have been up to their antics since your great grandma was a little girl?
Mickey and Minnie have been adored by many generations now. They are easy to love, no matter how old you are! They do simple things like having lunch in the park but even basic events can end up in adorable mayhem. And it’s not just the mousy couple. We love Donald Ducks stuttering manner, Goofy’s innocent and silly voice, and Pluto’s hectic ways. We’d love to hang out with the group. They’ve got great dance moves, wonderful musical talents, and they often have exciting adventures. Now, if only we could copy Minnie’s polka dot classic style! 
It’s actually easier then you’d think. When you’re wearing polka dots, you’re celebrating all of the adventures that illustrators have created over the years. When you’re wearing the immediatly recognizable ears, you’re celebrating the most fashionable mouse in history! This shiny red polka dot dress is a real stunner. The skirt is full and white ruffles around the hem, it would be even more picturesque when layered with a short tulle petticoat. The sleeves are puffed and the sweetheart neckline has ruffles. The waist is belted with a plush bow. You’ll look as timeless and classic as the main mouse herself. Now, to have some Disney style adventures!

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