Child Spiderella Costume


Child Spiderella Costume

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Be honest with us–when you find an eight-legged friend hiding in the corner of the shower, or when you come upon a those spindly long legs atop the kitchen counter, you know exactly who to call: your little girl!

Your child just adores each and every member of the arachnid class. She seems to possess a sort of otherworldly understanding of spiders; a fact youve been uncovering a bit more with each and every passing year. It started when she was a baby, and she would crawl around after them as they skittered across the floor. Then it was five million rounds of The Itsy-Bitsy Spider. Then it was her science projects and her English papers–all focused on spiders. At first you thought it was creepy; now youve embraced her scientific mind, her helpful nature (she always offers to remove spiders from your house and takes them outside), and even her activism (she founded L.E.G.S. ( Love and Equality for the Great Spiders). Wherever her connection comes from, it seems nothing short of mystical. No arachnophobia here!

Which is why your sorceress of spiders needs this Child Spiderella Costume, a cute, web-inspired witchy costume that some little girls (like yours!) will love. Your kiddo will get caught up in the beguiling web of this velvet dress, falling instantly head over heels for the high collar and long bell sleeves. Now she can do more than deal with spiders; she can summon them!

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