Caesar Costume for Plus Size


Caesar Costume for Plus Size

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Caesar was an impressive man. He accomplished so much before being taken from the throne. He ruled all of the Roman Empire, and he invented a salad dressing, a salad dressing that we are very fond of. (No, we didn’t fact check this, but why else would it be called a Caesar salad?) Regardless of what salad dressings he did or didn’t invent, he was still a very impressive individual. Because of this, his costume will be one of the most timeless costumes we have ever sold.
All these years after his death, we are still wearing his costumes and saying his name. It serves as a testament to his huge impact on our world today! Heading out dressed as Caesar will have you feeling both regal and maybe a little paranoid, due to the unfortunate circumstances of his death. Don’t worry, you won’t share the same fate! 
This costume will turn you into the Roman emperor Julius Caesar! Your costumes starts with a long off-white tunic that has a gold sequ.

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