Bleeding Machete


Bleeding Machete

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Whenever you see someone walking around with a bloody weapon, it is always a bad sign. And the reason why is obvious! If you see blood on a knife, you have to ask yourself “How did it get there?” They probably didn’t spill it on there accidentally. If we are being realistic, they’ve probably killed someone. And there is no telling when they might strike again. So, if you see someone with a bloody machete, please just run in the other direction. Better to be safe than sorry/dead! 
This machete is the kind of weapon that you would want to run away from! It is a plastic machete with a clear coating on the outside that is holding in fake blood, making this machete look like it has been used for some horrific crimes! This weapon is not the one for the squeamish. 
The best thing about this machete is its versatility! There is really no scary costume that this doesn’t go nicely with. From crazy killers to Hillbilly monsters, this machete is the epitome of “One size fits all” Whatever costume you use it for, we hope that you get a few good scares out of it!  .

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