Black Morphsuit Costume for Adults


Black Morphsuit Costume for Adults

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When you put on this black morphsuit, you’ll become one with the night! You won’t have a shadow, you will BE a shadow. You’ll be unseen by anyone, just a flicker in the corner of their eye, maybe a trick of the light. You’ll find that the night starts to feel like home. You won’t miss the light. Why would you? You and the darkness are two peas in a pod, old friends locked in a warm embrace that blends so smoothly it’s impossible to tell where one ends and another begins. 
When you get your morphsuit, what kind of mischief will you get into? You could give some folks a pretty wild scare in this costume. You’re simply too stealthy to fail! Sneak through the streets on Halloween night and watch the people walk right past you, completely unaware of your presence. 
This morphsuit is as genius as it is simple! It’s made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, leaving it extra stretchy and comfortable to wear, and it comes in the darkest tone of black we were able to find. You slide it on like a glove and fasten it with a two-way zipper on the center of your back. All of your limbs will be fully enclosed when you’re wearing it, meaning that no one will be able to see any part of you, not even so much as your little toe. 
Not interested in scaring folks? This costume can also be pretty funny if you pretend to be someone’s shadow! Just follow them around all night, stand behind them and copy all of their movements! You’re pretty much guaranteed a laugh or two with this unique and clever idea, this is one we don’t think many people have ever seen before! .

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