Baby Shark Mommy Shark Toddler Costume with Sound


Baby Shark Mommy Shark Toddler Costume with Sound

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Is it Doo or Doot? Listen, can you settle a debate for us? Before we get into this Mommy Shark Toddler Costume (which is adorable), we have a quick question for you. Int he song, after the lyric Baaaaaby Shark, what’s the first lyric after that? Is it doot or doo right after? Think about it for a second. (Queue it up on your music player if you must.) This is a subject that’s been hotly contested here in our office. We have those in the doo camp, who cite the official lyrics as proof that the song goes doo doo doo doo doo. Others in our office claim that the short stop after the first doo makes it sound like a doot despite what the official lyrics say as printed. Well, no matter what side you fall on for this little debate, we can all agree on one thing. Your child is going to look extra-cute in this Baby Shark Mommy Shark Costume for toddlers! Product Details Inspired by the catchy song,Baby Shark, this Mommy Shark Toddler Costume is a simple outfit that transforms your child into their favorite character from the song. It comes with a soft, pink jumpsuit that’s shaped like Mommy Shark from the music video. It has a nice, generous opening for your child’s head on top and fins along the back. It has a pair of big eyes on the top of the head! The suit has zippers near the legs for fitting. The Shark Goes On If your child loves Baby Shark, then they’re going to love dressing up Mommy Shark. We’ll keep hashing out whether or not there’s a doot somewhere in the Baby Shark lyrics, but if you want to discuss the lyrics to Baby Shark, just send us a message and we’ll be sure to have a spirited conversation about it!

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