Adult White Afro Wig


Adult White Afro Wig

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Clown hair comes in all shapes and colors, from classic red to goofy green, or even every color striped across their hairdo. It used to be thought that a clown’s hair color was somehow linked to their position and status within the clown hierarchy, kind of like how the color of karate belts indicate skill. The true meaning behind clown hairstyles is still being studied, and we may never know what it truly stands for.

One thing that we do know, though, is that white haired clowns are some of the rarest and most highly skilled, sort of like the clown-equivalent of a unicorn. We don’t know exactly what it takes to earn this coveted ‘fro, but luckily you can just buy this White Afro Wig and skip over everything else. This is the perfect style for the modern clown who’s looking for a chic new look. It may not be as silly and in-your-face as puffy red hair, but everyone will be just as excited to see a rare white haired clown at their party!

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