Adult Wednesday Addams Costume


Adult Wednesday Addams Costume

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Wednesday Addams was goth before goth was even a thing, a straight-faced, sullen kid with a dark sense of humor and a knack for making the unfashionable look like the height of fashion. For a character who???s been around for nearly 80 years, she???s managed to keep her iconic personal flair more or less unchanged. While her mostly black wardrobe and neatly braided pigtails were retro even back in the 1930s, no one of any era would dare call Wednesday???s look outdated. No one who valued life and limb, at least.

It???s a timeless style, whether your favorite Wednesday look comes from Christina Ricci in the movies, Lisa Loring in the TV show, the various Saturday morning cartoons, or the original Charles Addams comics. (That???s right, the Addams Family were stars of the printed page before they ever hit the screen.) She may have taken many forms over the years, but there will only ever be one Wednesday, and we???re betting her neighbors are plenty glad about that.

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