Adult Cat in the Hat Costume


Adult Cat in the Hat Costume

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Is there any better cat, that the Cat in a Hat? We can say for certain that the answer to this little diddy is, no. We thought about it long and hard too and it was a hard decision for a cat lover such as ourselves to make because we absolutely love the feline species! We have our own pet cats that we’re obsessed with and pine over any stray spotted on the streets, but there’s no cooler cat than the Cat in the Hat.  Name another cat that will come over uninvited on a rainy day and supply you with entertainment and laughs? Only the Cat in the Hat can destroy the entire house from top to bottom, (even though our cat has come pretty close), but it’s impossible to be mad at the fuzzy feline. The Cat in the Hat naturally brings a tremendous amount of joy (and a little bit of destruction) wherever he goes!    Dressing up as the iconic Cat in the Hat from Dr. Seuss is the perfect idea for cat lovers who can recite a silly rhyme any old time (se.

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