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Back to School Bash

It is that time of year again! Some people might be happy to return to school whereas others will be devastated to sit back in the classroom once again (even college students included!). Anyhow, no matter how you feel about school starting, it is the inevitable. I personally think it is a time for new beginnings! Some might disagree with me, but I have different feelings. I always liked to go buy a few new school supplies and decide the vibe for the year. When I was a kid I swear I was going through a different aesthetic to match my personality every year, but I bet everyone felt that way, haha!

Anyhow, a back to school bash would have been such a fun way to kind of “solidify” the aesthetic of the year for me. So, I propose a fun little school supply gathering and decorating party for those starting elementary, middle, or high school! Honestly, you can switch it up a little in terms of supplies and go for something a little more college for those university aged students.

So, my plan is this! Gather up some fun school supplies… pencils, pens, erasers, and other things as such, and make small goodie bags for the party attendees. However! This isn’t any ordinary school goodie bag. You can buy clear plastic pencil cases or the fabric ones that have the clear middle insert. Either way, you will want something you can decorate with stickers and such.

Finally, you can either have people provide their own notebooks to decorate or you can go find some at the dollar store! As long as the cover is pretty plain (get whatever colors you like), you’ll be in perfect shape to do some fun decorating.

Now for the fun part! Feel free to buy any sort of decorations for your bags and notebooks. You can buy what I suggest, or you can go for something different. The goal is to let every party attendee create a super unique set of school supplies that shows their spunk and style.

Things like stickers, washi tape, markers, and even some double-sided tape and paper would be good. Let their imaginations run wild and go for it!

This is a pretty simple party with just a tad of prep work really placed into the buying of materials.

The decorations are simple. Just come on down to Party Place and get some great little supplies.